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Hundreds of collisions of significant nature occur every year. Most ship collision occur in
restricted visibility. Traffic Separation Scheme and Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA)
have been very effective in reducing this type of collisions.

Danger of collisions generally arises in heavy rainstorms and tropical areas such as the
Singapore Strait where not only visibility is poor, but the radar ability to detect even large
ships is very much reduced. Echoes of ships, which are not in, but on the other side of the
rain area will be diminished by attenuation.

Collisions also occur in clear visibility and are caused by poor crew lookout  or errors by
one or both vessels. The following
notes are few recommendations for Masters and
officers for prevention of collisions.
البحــــــريـــــــة للضمـــــــان واعـــــــادة الضمــــــــان ش.م.ل