Guidance Notes to Masters
Guidance Notes to Masters
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Masters are requested to prepare and demonstrate the following:

-        Holds and tanks to be made empty for inspection
-        Lighting to be provided for hold inspection
-        Manhole covers to be removed for inspection of ballast tanks
-        Tanks to be ventilated and illuminated
-        Copies of Statutory Certificates and Class Certificates to be made available
-        Illustration that nautical publications and charts are up to date
-        Engine maintenance records to be made available
-        Cargo handling equipment records to be made available
-        Workability of steering gear; normal and emergency
-        Workability of emergency generators
-        Workability of emergency fire pumps
-        Workability of bilge alarms, closing devices, ventilator dampers and other devices

These guidelines are general and not definitive as many principles may require more or
less preparations or only specific areas surveyed for a particular type of ship or purpose.

Masters are requested to positively cooperate with surveyors for the smoothening of the
البحــــــريـــــــة للضمـــــــان واعـــــــادة الضمــــــــان ش.م.ل