Guidance Notes to Surveyors
Guidance Notes to Surveyors
Surveyors are requested to report and comment on the following:

  General and structural condition of the vessel
-        Competence of the crew and their capabilities of management
-        Fire hazards, watertight integrity, cleanness and general safety
-        Management, manning, safety, navigation, operation and pollution prevention
-        Communication, cooperation and Certificate of competency of crew
-        Main deck signs of cracking and doublers
-        Bulkhead and double bottom; corrosion, strengthening
-        Ship side frames; corrosion, wastage, cracking
-        Ballast tanks; coating failure
-        Side shell deckhead longitudinal, stiffeners and stringers
-        Holds bulkhead, tanktop, deckhead for signs of wastage, corrosion, cracking
-        Double bottoms to be pressed in way of cargo holds
-        Fore & After Peak tanks to be pressed and collision bulkhead examined
-        Inlet and outlet valves and if adequately fitted on sea chest
-        Stores and machinery spares of main and auxiliary engine
-        Maintenance record; crankshaft deflection, lub oil analysis, cylinder & liner wear
-        Files record; Certificates, Class, Dry-Docking, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
-        Photos of the ship sides, stern, bow, engine room, holds, holds bilge suctions
-        Photos of main and auxiliary engines, steering gear, boiler, exhaust, bilges
-        Photos of hatch coamings, covers, deck machinery and cargo gear
-        Photos of serious defective areas from all sides
-        Issue list of defects / recommendations and submit one copy to Master
-        Issue list of defects / recommendations and submit one copy to Underwriters

These guidelines are not definitive as many principles may require more or less information or
only specific areas surveyed for a particular type of ship or purpose. These notes are for guidance
only and it is up to the attending surveyor to report any supplementary material findings. In most
cases a format corresponding to the type of ship will accompany the instruction. From time to time,
specific instructions and requirements may be requested.
" Treating Ships with Care...  For Avoidance of Claims "
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