Prudence and Fairness
Al-Bahriah respects the fundamentals of marine insurance. The first concern is that insurance risks must
always be fully recognized. Al-Bahriah carefully assesses the individual level of premium that is to be paid
for each risk exposure and seeks to treat all Shipowners fairly based upon a clear understanding of
commercial realities. Coupled with effective claims handling, prudent as well as fair underwriting is an
essential element contributing to Al-Bahriah’s financial strength.
The risk selection process includes a risk based selection of vessels subject to condition surveys for new
entered ships as well as follow-up maintenance surveys for existing ships.
Al-Bahriah takes steps to ensure that new entered customers and tonnage have a stable and positive risk
profile which operate at standards matching Al-Bahriah’s overall risk profile and quality requirements.
Careful risk selection combined with adequate pricing of risks are the most important underwriting criteria
to ensure the financial well being of Al-Bahriah over the years.  
Selection and Pricing
Al-Bahriah believes that its long term financial stability depends on maintaining an adequate spread of
risks and a diversity of vessel type, trading area and conditional risk exposure. Unpredictability of large
claims is absorbed by reinsurance programs provided by long term reinsurance arrangements with first
class securities.
Stability and Competition
" First things First... Underwriting  First "
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